Start your Narwi-Waqf today!

Narwi is a non-profit Islamic crowdfunding platform which allows donors to support microentrepreneurs of their choice by establishing an endowment, or “Narwi-Waqf,” with as little as USD 25.

Narwi is Arabic for “to tell a story,” as well as “to nourish.” Narwi tells the stories of ambitious young men and women from throughout the region with difference backgrounds, aspirations, and needs. Its mission is to connect these young Arab microentrepreneurs with capital and knowledge, mobilized through the crowd, which enables them to grow sustainable businesses and create jobs for others.

Combining the power of crowdfunding with the virtue of Islamic charitable giving, Narwi provides financing for the startup and growth of very small, or “micro” enterprises, thereby creating much-needed jobs in the Middle East and North Africa. Through Narwi, donors provide no-cost capital to a network of Field Partners (primarily microfinance institutions), lowering their risk and enabling them to serve marginalized, higher risk and higher social impact beneficiaries. Narwi uses a revolving donations model; as a loan is repaid, the donor’s Narwi-Waqf is replenished, and those funds become available to support other beneficiaries selected by the donor. All projects featured on are financed through Shariah-compliant financial products.

Narwi is currently under development for expected launch in Fall 2015. Sign up below and we’ll update you once the platform is ready for you to create your Narwi-Waqf.

We tell their stories. You help write them.

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